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      GuideMia V4 is now released!

    We have been working with top-notched image-guided dental implantologist and very experienced dental technicians during the past few years, and continuously improve our technology and software. With the new version of GuideMia implant treatment planning and surgical guide design system, you can do a lot more!

    If you are new to the technology or new to the software, the new version features a more comprehensive Express Wizard, which can guide you through most of your clinical cases with a well-defined workflow. Your time to finish a typical single unit case will be 6 to 10 minutes, from loading DICOM data to finishing surgical guide design and automatically generating treatment report.

    If you are experienced users, you will discover more and more fun everyday working with GuideMia. We are sure you will find that so many things you have been thinking about, so many tools you need for now, and so many functions you need to explore the technology have been brought to your desk!

    It has been four years since our patent for surgical guide CAD/CAM system has been issued, and since GuideMia brought the first open surgical guide design solution to the market. We are confident that we have been leading our top competitors for years, and we will with the participation of our GuideMia friends from more than 15 countries. 

    Request Demo - Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a software demo

    GuideMia is a comprehensive implant planning software for image-guided dental implant surgery. It seamlessly integrates CBCT scanners, intra-oral scanners, 3D printers, milling machines, as well as implant surgical kits in its powerful implant planning and surgical guide design. The basic GuideMia treatment planning software is available for free. Call us for more details. For surgical guide design, we offer two options – pay-in-full and pay-per-use surgical guide design.

    Download for Free

    Windows 7 or 8, 64bit.

    Quad core CPU recommended.
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    GuideMia offers surgical guide services. Download our software, plan your cases, design your surgical guides, send the files to us, and we will send you standard STL files for the guides or ship the guides back to you.

    GuideMia also offers full treatment planning and surgical guide CAD/CAM. See store for details, and the support page for scanning protocols.

  • “I have to admit that the fit of bone reducing guide and bone supported guide is significantly enhanced with the use of GuideMia software. The more I use it the more I love it, and I know what I am talking about as I can compare due to my experience with other systems.“

    Dr. Michael Gross

    "We perform guided surgery on over 90% of our implant cases. We have used many implant planning products, but GuideMia is our "go to" implant planning software. GuideMia has the added benefit of including the surgical guide design software that other products don't have. The ease of use, precision, and open architecture allow us to safely and affordably use guided surgery for our implant cases."

    Cary Brown, DDS
    Murietta, California

    "I have been using GuideMia software for the past year with the ability to print the surgical guides with minimal cost. The low cost of surgical guides generated more referrals and more income. The staff has been great and we have been very satisfied."

    Ghabi A. Kaspo, DDS
    3D Maxillofacial Imaging

  • GuideMia is going beyond surgical guides. With the latest enhancements, GuideMia is offering more functionality and covering more aspects of the workflow from implant planning to restoration design. Our latest bone grafting design tool will offer the best software tool to design bone grafts that will fit onto patient's bone structure perfectly; our interface to CAD/CAM system makes it possible for the labs and dental offices to prepare abutments and restorations even before the implant treatment. Contact us for more details.
    screen shoot with clinical
  • Thanks to Dr. F. Liu for sharing his case. This is full arch case with immediate loading temporary restoration. The surgical guide was designed by GuideMia with the radiographic guide automatically registered and converted. The guide was printed with a 3D System printer.

     yening case
  • At GuideMia, we work with the top-notch implantologist and clinical advisors to develop our technology and software. We have been working with many doctors during past few years. We listen to their comments, suggestions and clinical needs, and convert those into the best software solution in the industry.

    Recently Dr. Michael Gross has joined our advisory board. Since 1994 he has been continually developing guided implantology solutions. Currently, Dr. Gross has several patents pending as well as published patents to his credit. Going forward, he will bring his 20 year experience of guided surgery R&D and practice to the team, and we expect to offer more innovative and comprehensive solutions to our customers.

    Dr. Michael Gross completed his graduate studies at the University of Düsseldorf School of Dental Medicine in Germany  in 1986. He pursued postgraduate specialties in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry in Germany. Dr. Gross has practiced in Germany and Spain. Since September 2000 he had been Scientific Consultant and technical manager for a few well-known implant manufacturers.  In July 2003 he joined Oraltronics Dental Implant Technology GmbH as scientific implantology consultant. He prepared and supervised lecture teams and scientific presentations for the international department. Dr. Gross also lectures both nationally and internationally providing both technical and practical education, he is key lecturer on implant surface modalities.

Contact us

5030 Katella Ave, Ste 209
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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