GuideMia was established in southern California, USA in 2012.The company has a branch office in Shanghai, distributors in Italy, Brazil, China, etc. During the past years we are dedicated in the development of advanced digital dentistry technologies with focus in guided surgery and orthodontics.

Our products include: GuideMia Implant Treatment Planning and Surgical Guide Software, GuideMia Ortho+ orthodontic solution, GuideMia Digital Space, GuideMia Surgical Guides, GuideMia Bracket Bonding Guides GuideMia Universal Surgical Kit. We also offer surgical and orthodontic treatment planning services.

GuideMia has been leading the industry with innovations and advanced technologies. GuideMia implant system is the first FDA cleared commercial surgical guide design system. Our competitors came to the market a few years later. GuideMia Ortho+ is the second FDA cleared software under Orthodontic Software category, and remains the only one that integrates optical scan and CBCT data, and performs aligner and bracket design with full anatomical models. This superior feature allows orthodontic treatment planning to be safer and easier.


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