An Immediate Restoration Case from PFDK Digital Center, Italy

GuideMia can be seamlessly integrated with CAD/CAM systems like ExoCad for immediate restoration design and manufacturing.
Pre-operative CBCT and diagnostic images:
Implant treatment planning with GuideMia.
3D visualization of implants, bones, roots, as well as abutments.
Scan bodies are added into the system and exported into Exocad.

Restoration design with Exocad and review with GuideMia.

Restorations designed in ExoCAD

Intra-oral pictures of the patient at surgery time.

Post treatment CT and patient patient.

Final restorations

Post treatment study with CBCT and pictures overlaying.

GuideMia’s full fledged treatment planning features and integration with CAD/CAM systems really makes the immediate restoration a reality. Our clients are now delivering restorations together with implants and surgical guides.

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