Please use this calendar to book training.

Due to the volume of requests, we may not facilitate everyone’s request. In the form please kindly suggest a few time slots you are available. Please make sure you purchase training sessions in the store page.


GuideMia Teamviewer Client Download

This teamviewer client program is for one-on-one training and demo.

Instructions: download the zip file and unzip it. The extracted .exe file is the GuideMia Teamviewer Client. When you run it, it will pop up ID and password. Send us the information for remote meeting and online technical support.


GuideMia Teamviewer V10 Download

In order to join group meeting or training with GuideMia, you would need the commercial version to connect. Please download the software here. You can choose to directly run instead of installation. For security reason, your system may not allow you to download .exe files, so we place this zip file. Please unzip and run it.


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