Innovation Never Stops

GuideMia has redefined digital implantology with lots of innovations, such as

  • Preventive treatment planning
  • Virtual tissue model and scan quality checking
  • CAD/CAM software integration for restoration design
  • Guided Prosthesis
  • Impression Guides
  • Bone Grafting
  • SmartRegistration
  • Smart Finding Card
  • Multiple scan protocols
  • Bone reduction guides
  • Post treatment study
surgical Guide Types

Tooth borne guides | Tissue borne guides | Bone level guides | Bone reduction guides | Tooth extraction guides | Root canal guides |Zygoma implant guides |Sinus lifting guides

zygoma implant guides

How complicated your next case will be? 

We can help you plan your  case and perform image guided surgery as a master. 
With zygoma implant guides from GuideMia, things can be a lot earier.

Preventive Planning

With GuideMia’s patented technology, you can simulate all error factors from CBCT, optical scanners, printers to clinical handling of surgical guides in order to see where your implants can end up in extreme conditions of various error factors.

Radiographic Guide Registration

Everything in one step!Radiographic guide registration in one mouse click. GuideMia can load radiographic guide DICOM files, recognize and extract markers from both patient CT scan and radiographic guide scan register them with a report of average deviations, and in the mean time perform 3D reconstruction. 


With GuideMia’s SmartRegistration technology, you can register optical scans with patient scan
quicky, easily and more accurately. Very often software systems ask you to specify markers as
precisely as possible, but with GuideMia even if you have 1~2 mm deviations between markers, you can still get good results.

CT data processing

You will enjoy the powerful yet simple CT data visualization, segmentation, trimming, reconstruction, and surface repairing functions.

Open for Collaboration

The open system architecture lets you integrate GuideMia with
CAD/CAM  systems for immediate restoration design.

Know more about GuideMia, do better in digital dentistry 

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