First Open System for Surgical Guide Design

Back to 2012, GuideMia Implant System is the only software in the market that has open turnkey surgical guide design functions and full fledged workflow support. It is the only system that holds a US patent for surgical guide design software (US8543234B2 – Method and software system for treatment planning and surgical guide CAD/CAM). At GuideMia we offer our clients a best combination of software and clinical experiences. With more than 20 year digital implantology and guided surgery experience we developed our implant solution based on tremendous inputs from clinicians, and based on more than 20 year CAD/CAM and 3D modeling development. During the past few years, we have help clients from more than 10 countries establish their surgical guide services.

Open System Architecture
  • Open to All CBCT systems, desktop scanners, intra-oral scanners and facial scanners
  • Open to all implant brands
  • Open to all guided surgical kits
  • Open to all printers and milling machines

Basic software function
  • Very powerful CT data visualization and processing
  • Bone, roots and tissue modeling
  • Scatter removal
  • Simulation of soft tissue peeing/flapping
  • All automatic recognition of radiographic markers, and registration between two CT scans
  • Very versatile model registration between CT, intra-oral scans, facial scans, as well as design models
  • Completely open platform for implants, abutments, surgical kits as well as drilling sleeves
  • Multiple display modes for implants
  • Abutments and scan bodies
  • Virtual teeth and tooth morphology
  • Smart Finding Cards
  • STL conversion and exports
  • Ply, Obj file format support
  • Customize development is also available

Bone Harvesting Guides

Surgical Guides for Zygoma Implants

Support All Kinds of Clinical Cases

Partially Edentulous |Fully Edentulous|Full Mouth Extraction
Bone Reduction | Zygoma Implants | Sinus Lifting
Guided Tooth Extraction | Bone Harvesting | Immediate Restoration

Standardized Process and Guide CAD/CAM

The automatic surgical guide design from GuideMia ensure the consistency and excellent fitting of surgical guides. All kinds of cases, simple or complicated, can be easily planned and design in a single uniform workflow. In the meantime, we have a standard process of quality control and assurance.

Software Service

GuideMia provides a full software solution for service centers ( including dental labs, image centers, implant manufacturers, etc), dental clinics and hospitals, as well as training centers. The solution includes master version, professional version, training version, planner version as well as basic planner. With the combination of different versions our clients can easily establish a large scale surgical guide service in a very short time and with very little investment.

GuideMia Express Wizard can help you finish a partial edentulous case design with as little as 8 minutes, Loocid Smart Guide module can finish one single unit case within 3 minutes. For about 20 min to 45 min users can easily accomplish complex cases like all on 6, zygoma implants, bone reduction, tooth extraction, etc. Even if you do not  user surgical guide in treatment, the software offers a lot of diagnosis and treatment planning functions to ensure successful treatments. Over years GuideMia users very often find a lot of surprisingly great functions and tools, as well as joys. They have been inspired to develop workflows for anchorage implants, root canalling, tooth extraction, bone grafting, etc.

Surgical Guide Service

GuideMia also offers surgical planning and guide design services, which is a perfect combination of technology insights and clinical experiences.

Surgical guide types include :

Tooth Borne Guide | Bone Level Guide |Mucosa Supported Guide
Bone Reduction Guide | Bone Grafting Guide | Restoration Guide
Tooth Extraction Guide | Bone Harvesting Guide | Zygoma Implant Surgical Guide
Sinus Lifting Guide | Impression Guide

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