GuideMia OrthoPlus Software

GuideMia Orthodontic software systems are designed for clinical communication, clear aligner design, and bracket bonding guides.

The combination of design version and chairside version makes the systems not only a chairside digital system but also an enterprise solution.

Taking CBCT data, intra-oral scans, model scans, facial scans, etc. as inputs, GuideMia Ortho systems fusion multiple modalities of data, create complete anatomical models including roots and bones,  and enable chairside communications, treatment planning and reports, as well as aligner and guide designs. GuideMia software are the best choice for both dental service providers and chairside applications.

Software Versions

GuideMia Ortho+ is the design software with options for clear aligners and bracket bonding guides. It has the full set of features for model processing, treatment planning, reporting, as well as appliance design.

Ortho+ can handle all kinds of cases in a very efficient way. For a medium complexity case with intro-oral scans, it can finish design within 10minutes,

GuideMia OrthoClic is the chairside system for dentists and their assistants to quickly load patient scan, segment teeth and simulate tooth movements.  Within just 3-5 minutes, they can show their patients a preliminary treatment plan and send cases to Ortho+ site to finish design.

It is also used as a planner version to review designs from Ortho+ sites.

For Clear Aligners

GuideMia Orthodontic systems are designed to meet the clinical needs  and to promote the application of digital technologies. The  systems are designed with  various advanced features in the following areas:

  • Multiple inputs including but not limited to CBCT, intra-oral scans, facial scans, etc.
  • Full anatomical model including crowns, roots, bones, soft tissues as well as occlusions
  • All-in-one model cleanup reducing the model processing time by more than 70%
  • AlignerBot: All tooth segmentation, automatic treatment planning and aligner design
  • Fully automatic model generation for aligner models and bracket bonding guides
  • Industry’s first system that automatically generates aligner models for direct printing

For Bracket Bonding Guides

Direct bonding guides for any bracket brands, which reduce the time and cost for design, fabrication and clinical process by more than 70%

  • Automatically bracket placement
  • Parametric design for brackets
  • Open to all bracket brands
  • Fully automatic model generation
  • Acid etching guides

We work with bracket companies to add their brackets into the system or develop customized jigs

Anchorage implant guides

Powered by the our surgical guide technology, GuideMia Ortho+ is able to design anchorage implant guides in a very simple and automatic workflow.

GuideMia Ortho+ AlignerBot

GuideMia Ortho+ AlignerBot is the industry’s first automatic design system featuring lots of functions with only one mouse click. Those include automatic treatment planning, automatic alignment, automatic interproximal fixing, automatic movement plan, automatic attachment creation, automatic model generation, automatic trimming path creation, automatic model generation as well as automatic reporting.

GuideMia has developed a wide spectrum of features and integrated them in a high performance process. For an orthodontic case of medium complexity, GuideMia Otho+ can finish initial preparation steps in a minute, and automatically finish treatment planning and a set of aligner models within 5 minutes.

For bracket placement and bonding guide design, GuideMia can generate the plan within a minute, and design bracket guides in another minute.


GuideMia is an open system that works with any CBCT, model scanners, intra-oral scanners and 3D printers. With its super fast planning and design capability, GuideMia enable dental offices and labs to design and make aligners within an hour, instead of weeks from the leading competitors.

Design in the cloud

GuideMia also the industry’s first integrated cloud design system. Powered by AWS and GuideMia Ortho+, dental offices and labs can upload a case to the cloud and receive the design within as quick as 20 minutes. We can also help you to setup your automatic process, which is extremely promising for simple to medium cases. We can also help deploy an automatic design system with customer’s AWS account and on-premise software installation.

Pay-per-use Licensing

With pay-per-use option, you only pay training and support upfront, and $25 per case for any number of model exports in a case.

Ortho+ planner/viewer version is always free.

Enterprise option

GuideMia offers enterprise licensing options for dental labs and aligner manufacturers. This option includes

  • GuideMia Ortho+ licenses for aligner and bracket bonding guide design
  • Unlimited GuideMia Ortho+ planner/viewer
  • Huge discount for GuideMia OrthoClic licenses for all your clients. Dental offices can now offer treatment planning in a couple of minutes.

Free trial

Try the software for free. Click the links to download and check out free license below.

GuideMia Ortho+ download

GuideMia OrthoClic download

To see more demo videos please visit our

Youtube channel here and Demo kit with videos and trial data

Design Services

Digital treatment planning can be extremely time consuming and technically challenging. With more than 20 years of experience from advisors in Italy, Germany, the US, China, Israel, and Canada and an excellent design team, however, we offer treatment planning for you. We design your orthodontic models for aligners and bracket bonding guides, as well as special guides including those for tooth extraction, sinus lifting, orthognathic treatment, and more.

Our workflow is simple. Ordering, uploading data, and seeing results can all be conducted through our website and emails.

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