GuideMia OrthoPlus Software Export Credits, 25pk

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This is the pay-per use fee, or known as Click Fee. This item will add 25 case export credits to your GuideMia installation. You need to have a subscription plan or other licensing plan (please contact GuideMia if you have different needs). The license code you receive from this order can only be added to the system that has valid working license.  One credit is for one case. Each case is defined as a treatment plan and design based on one patient’s dataset in one GuideMia project file. The exported data can be any models in the project including but not limited to: model scans, CT scan and bone segmentations, dental models designed for aligner fabrication, anchorage implant surgical guides, etc.

A single project will not be charged twice. Whenever an export operation is performed, GuideMia Orthoplus software will prompt for saving the project file. The saving operation will save the information that the project has been charged. Further exporting with the project will not reduce the credits. If a project is copied or saved as a different project before any export operation is done, the system will not know two or more project files are actually the same one, therefore, a different project file even though for the same patient can be charged twice.

Buy GuideMia surgical guide exports credit through this item.


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